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Video: Talking Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Garment Decoration at Impressions Shop Talk

Artificial Intelligence and its impact are discussed in the latest Shop Talk series

February 15, 2023

Is AI a tool or a threat to a creative business? According to the experts, it depends on how you choose to look at it.

For this Shop Talk session, held at Impressions Expo Long Beach, Jan. 20-22, Michelle Moxley, Innovation Director at M&R Printing, and Dave Gardner from Gildan, discuss the pros and cons of using AI in art workflow with Rick Roth, founder of New England’s Mirror Image Screenprinting & Embroidery and Ink Kitchen.

This discussion was inspired by an article Moxley wrote for the Ink Kitchen blog, 30 Days of Rubbernecking AI. Moxley walks the audience through what AI is, what it can do and how she has used it to develop ideas and generate art, while Gardner highlights how the creative human element can never really be replaced.