Something for Everyone at Impressions Impact Awards

July 6, 2023

There’s something for everyone as part of the recently launched Impressions Industry Impact, or III, Awards, with more than 20 sub-categories spanning the length and breadth of the decorated apparel industry.

In the “Business” category, for example, decorators have a choice of the following:

  • Best decorating company with sales of $1 million or more annually
  • Best decorating company with sales of $1 million or less annually
  • Best screen-printing shop
  • Best digital-decorating/heat-pressing shop
  • Best embroidery shop

In other words, there’s a place for pretty much everyone to throw their hat into the ring, no matter what the size of their business or the kind of decorating they do.

Similarly, in the contest’s “Apparel” category, blank apparel manufacturers have the following competitive possibilities:

  • Best New Casual Wear/T-shirt
  • Best New Headgear
  • Best New Athletic Apparel
  • Best New Placketwear
  • Best New Activewear

Other categories include Equipment/Technology, Marketing, Innovation/Design, and Community—each of which is further subdivided into four or five different sections. Equipment/Technology, for example, includes possibilities for best new embroidery tech and best new screen-printing tech, among others.

Decorators, designers and equipment and materials suppliers alike will be able to enter in the category (or categories) of their choice through Nov. 20, 2023. Early-bird pricing will be available through July 20, 2023.

Early bird entry pricing is $199 for the first entry and $99 for each additional entry. After that, pricing will be $249 for the first registration and $99 for each additional entry until the November 20 cutoff date.

To see a full list of award categories, read the rules and enter, click HERE.