SanMar Announces New VP of Sourcing & Product Development

By Dustin Shrader , Managing Editor

November 20, 2023

SanMar Corp., Issaquah, Washington, recently announced Dean Draughn as its new vice president of sourcing and product development.

Photo courtesy of SanMar.

In a move that marks a new chapter in the company’s leadership of its global and domestic supply network, Draughn brings more than 30 years of end-to-end global experience spanning the entire product life cycle from design to distribution.

During his 33-year career, Draughn has developed deep expertise in leading teams responsible for supply chain management, operations, development, manufacturing, compliance, and quality, according to the company. He brings unique insights shaped by the industry’s tumultuous evolution from protectionism to globalization spanning private and public entities.

Draughn is a member of the Cotton Board, an administrative arm of the Cotton Research and Promotion Programs that serves as a key liaison to the United States Department of Agriculture. He previously served as an appointed member of the United States Department of Commerce and the Office of the United States Trade Representatives International Trade Advisory Committee for Textiles and Apparel.

“Dean brings a tremendous understanding of global supply chains as an apparel manufacturer in the United States, Honduras and Asia, as well as a buyer and sourcing executive,” says Patrick Noonan, chief product officer at SanMar. “His global perspective, deep experience and desire to make a difference for our customers are such welcome assets to our product team.”

SanMar operates an industry-leading global logistics network that offers one- or two-day delivery to 99.7 percent of the United States. The company is a major player in ocean, intermodal, Less-Than-Truckload and parcel logistics. In an industry with increasing demand for next-day delivery, SanMar’s wide supply network requires creative ways to deepen its commitments to its people, products and planet.

“My career has been about driving value across organizations and showing up for my team every single day,” says Draughn. “I’ve been quickly impressed with our team’s dedication and proven record of success. I’m excited to help continue the tradition of making exceptional products that drive positive change.”