Shop Manager Software

From InkSoft

InkSoft now offers Shop Manager, a new program that provides print-shop owners with a unified system to manage all aspects of the production process, from proposals to purchasing to fulfillment. Users can avoid log jams, and eliminate missed tasks and unclear instructions that can delay meeting deadlines, according to the company. The first area of the program is Proposals, featuring customizable quotes and invoices that can be branded for each client. It also allows the user to request art approvals and for clients to pay online. Purchasing, the second area, manages everything in one place, such as what is available, what has been received and what’s still not in the shop. It includes links to suppliers, who can be organized by vendor or job. Owners also can create purchase orders to assist with tracking. The third area, Production, features tools to manage the production process from beginning to end. Production can create custom workflows to match each shop and can assign the tasks necessary for each order.