Good Custom T-shirt Screen Printing Requires Top-Quality Screens!

Mar 28, 2024

Shop Talk hosts Rick Roth, founder of New England’s Mirror Image Screenprinting & Embroidery and the Ink Kitchen, and Stan Banks, principal of the T-Shirt Side Hustle, welcome a panel of apparel screen-printing experts to discuss 1) the importance of top-quality screens in the screen-printing process and 2) how to ensure your screens are the absolute best. Specific subtopics include everything from the importance of screen tension to exposure times and controlling the temperature and humidity in your screen room. Roth and Banks’ guests include Art Dobie of Chromaline; Dave Makin of Saati; and Gerry Charde of KIWO.

Impression Expo Decorated Apparel Trade Show

Roth and Banks’ conversation was recorded at last year’s Impressions Expo in Atlantic City, New Jersey. For more on all three Impressions Expo, including the expos in Long Beach, California, and Fort Worth, Texas, click here.