About Us: Impressions Magazine and Decorated Apparel

Impressions is the one-stop source for authoritative business and technical information crucial to building and sustaining a profitable decorated-apparel business.

Impressions magazine and the Impressions Expo together provide business education and how-to instruction on the software and equipment needed to perform the four major processes that comprise today’s digitally driven decorated apparel marketplace — screen printing, embroidery, heat-applied graphics and digital decorating.

Here at impressionsmagazine.com, you can read useful technique and trend articles, explore educational opportunities, link to suppliers, network with other apparel decorators, acquire product information and more. Feel free to browse, and come back often.

Company Overview
Impressions magazine online is an Emerald Expositions publication and digital media production. Emerald Expositions penetrates and enlightens the apparel industry with print, face-to-face and online information, as well as digital media products.

The first issue of Impressions magazine debuted in May 1977, and was the first publication to truly give a voice to a burgeoning industry that was defined by T-shirts, heat transfers and retail beach shops. In those early issues, the founding publisher called for the formal organization of the “imprinted sportswear” market and dedicated the pages of this magazine to educating readers on techniques, trends and business issues related to putting embellishments on T-shirts.

Impressions Today
Today, we refer to this multi-billion-dollar industry as the decorated-apparel market and, while T-shirts remain the industry staple, the market encompasses any kind of decorated apparel or nonwearable promotional items. Impressions has earned its place as the industry’s leading publication for more than 40 years by continually adapting its focus to best serve the savvy apparel decorator.

Today, our brand includes the print magazine as well as our monthly digital edition, and many other digital publications. These include the Impressions  E-newsletter, our Sourcebook Online and more. Also, we sponsor the thrice-annual Impressions Expo, is a series of face-to-face events for industry professionals that include a comprehensive educational program developed by the editors of Impressions.

Content Director: Adam Cort

Managing Editor: Dustin Shrader

Design Director: Chris Drew

Sr. Account Executive — Media: Karen Atchison

Account Executive— Media: Richard Resing