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Boost Your Business with a Promo Video

April 4, 2016

If a picture paints a thousand words how many words does a video paint? A well-made, engaging video can legitimize your business, giving it a polished and professional presence.  

Creating and launching a company promotional video can be less hassle and expense than it sounds. In the past, creating a video involved a lot of equipment, a crew and long hours in editing. But in this digital age all you need is a smart phone.

Launching the video is easy as downloading it onto YouTube for free. YouTube has a built-in online video editor, which makes editing and refining video a breeze. If, however, producing a promotional video is too intimidating, consider hiring a professional to create one for you. It will be well worth the investment.

The benefits of a promo video are many. Once it is posted onto Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, it spreads quickly giving you the advantage of low-cost, high-impact advertising.

Need an idea for a video? You can showcase your shop, showing off your printing processes or film your team at work. Create a montage of printed goods or ask your customers to film short video testimonials.  

Video is an effective way for businesses to communicate their products, services and brand personality, and is a small investment for massive gain.

JP Hunt is a founder and partner at InkSoft, Albuquerque, N.M., in charge of sales and marketing. Email him at For more information, visit