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Video: How to Make Hair Bows

January 11, 2016

Hair bows make a great add-on sale for dance and cheer, children’s apparel, school, retail and more.

Here are a few tips for making hair bows:

1. Heat-glue a small piece of 3/8-inch grosgrain ribbon across the top of the barrette to create a base for gluing on the finished bow. Barrettes can be prepared ahead.  

2. When making a glitter bow, unless you want a contrasting color palette, it’s often best to match the color of glitter to the color of the ribbon it will be adhered to. That way, if there are any imperfections or if the alignment is slightly off, it will be less apparent. 

To view a live Stahls’ TV Class on how to print the latest trends in hair bows hosted by Jenna Sackett and Josh Ellsworth, visit