Digital Decorating:

Combine Heat Transfers for Unique Headwear

By Ben Robinson, Contributing Writer

June 1, 2015

Jazz up caps and other headwear to create fashionable looks and increase sales.

Caps are great for add-on sales and are ideal for on-demand customization in seconds with a heat press. You also can combine rhinestones with plastisol transfers to add bling to logos.

Add heat transfer materials, such as glitter flake or reflective with precut lettering, to personalize caps with player names or numbers, graduation dates, birthdays and more. Using multiple heat transfer products adds dimension and texture, and completes a unique look.

If you are applying more than one color or material, start by centering the background graphic over the front center seam of the cap. This is tacked down for a few seconds to hold it in place. Then, place a second color or material on the cap. To hold it in place during pressing, use a couple of pieces of thermal tape.

After the second transfer is securely placed, heat press the cap for the amount of time, temperature and pressure recommended by the material manufacturer.

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