Digital Decorating:

Fun with Football Numbering

By Paul Sabatini, Contributing Writer

This example of interactive numbers shows how you can create numbers for home and away football uniforms that are similar but offer different looks. Photo courtesy of Stahls’, St. Clair Shores, Mich.

July 13, 2015

Fall is universally recognized as the start of football season, which offers numerous opportunities for decorators to provide numbered uniforms for teams and numbered jerseys for fans supporting specific players.

Traditionally, football numbers are a bold or block style, such as Varsity and Pro Block, with some newer options including Warrior, Colossus, Titan, and Concrete. One way you can differentiate your shop from others is to offer new options for football teams who may be interested in a fresh look for uniforms.

One product that is designed for doing this is interactive numbers. They work especially well for creating a unique set of digits for home and away uniforms. They are made up of two variations of the same style: one representing the left set of digits and the other representing the right set of digits.  

When combined, they interact with each other, creating a unique double-digit set. A home uniform can be decorated using a left and right interactive combination, and the away uniform can be decorated using a right and left interactive combination.

This type of number offers a different look without straying too far from traditional numbering.

Another excellent option for a more unique look is gap outline numbers. These allow for a two-color look with a one-layer application because the garment color peeks through the gap. Or create a three-color look without layering by replacing the primary number with alternating color precut numbers.

With 21 years of sports industry experience, Paul Sabatini is the marketing sports coordinator for Stahls’, St. Clair Shores, Mich. Sabatini is the company’s go-to guy for all things sportswear and uniforms.