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Q&A with Imaging Supplies Warehouse’s Jim Tenholder

September 8, 2015

Q. Will color laser printer transfer papers work in any printer, or must you buy an industry-specific printer as opposed to buying one at an office supply store?
A. For the most part, there is no guarantee color laser printer transfer paper will work with a retail laser printer. It may, but it’s something you would do at your own risk. OKI Data offers a warranty when using its printer with transfer paper, although it’s only on three of its models — the 920WT, the 711WT and the 831TS.

It’s important to remember that transfer papers are thicker than regular paper and contain adhesive. If the toner gets too hot and melts during the printer’s fusing process, the paper can wrap around the fuser and ruin it.

Q. What kind of washfastness can be expected with a color laser toner printed transfer?
A. If a color laser toner transfer created on a quality printer using premium paper is applied properly with the correct heat press settings, some manufacturers say it can be washed 30-35 times before exhibiting significant deterioration.

Q. How should garments with color copier heat transfers be washed?
A. Generally, they should be washed in cold water and air dried or tumble dried at a low setting.

Jim Tenholder is dealer sales manager at Imaging Supplies Warehouse, Maryland Heights, Mo.