Digital Decorating:

Know your Garment, Know your Heat Transfer

By Chris Pluck, Contributing Writer

October 1, 2018

The diversity, versatility and market appeal of heat transfers and their application to multiple fabric and apparel types is an important reason why many customers are using heat transfers for their imaging of apparel business.

With heat transfers and most other apparel print application methods, it is important to take time to understand how the printed transfer graphic will combine with your garment fabric to become an exciting saleable item.

Taking time to view the apparel fabric in advance of applying the heat transfer to the garment makes a lot of sense when you consider the many values of the garment structure and the nuances of the transfer print such as color content, dye migration, abrasion resistance, texture, stretch, wash and wear durability. Be sure to do your homework to match the right transfer to characteristics of the garment it is to be transferred on.

Knowing your garment and your heat transfer type and finish, where both are aligned to collaborate in harmony is the principle reason of why your garment and its printed transfer embellishment stands out from your competitor.