Digital Decorating:

‘Tis the Season for Sublimatable Products

By Jennifer Foy, Contributing Writer

October 31, 2016

The holidays are the perfect time of year to prepare your shop (e-commerce or bricks-and-mortar) to attract current or potential customers.  

Sublimatable products are a great way to liven up the appearance of your merchandise and provide more options. Whether you create or download new Christmas patterns, or use your current patterns and designs, inspiring seasonal patterns will get your customers in the holiday spirit. 

Top-selling personalized products for Christmas include: dry erase boards, ornaments, coat hangers, natural wood picture frames, coasters, serving trays and shaped signs. These products can be sold online, at home parties or in local boutique retail stores to help customers prepare for the holidays.

Here are four steps for selling personalized products:

1. Send an email to your customers letting them know you have holiday gifts that can be personalized. Use product shots to give your customers a clear picture of your products.

2. Update your website with the products you will be personalizing and selling with product shots.  

3. Spread the cheer! Tweet, write a Facebook post, or upload a photo to Instagram or Pinterest, and link these posts to your website or shop. A fun idea is to post one image of a gift per day for 12 days. You can even have a giveaway (one of the products you’re currently selling) for whoever shares your posts the most.

4. Host a holiday gift party and let guests pick and choose which items they would like to have personalized. Get an early start, as December gets busy for people. You can host or offer to host someone else’s party and give them a free personalized gift as a thank you. You also can join a local holiday bazaar and bring samples to help you sell.

There’s so much you can do with Christmas products to help your customers get ready for the most wonderful time of the year.

Happy selling!

Jennifer Foy is a graphic designer at Unisub, Louisville, Ky. Peggy Waters is a Unisub Brand Manager. For more information, visit