How to Embroider on Denim

Use proper stabilization and hooping techniques to create beautiful embroidered denim products your customers will love.

By Steven Batts, Contributing Writer

Style RSAND401, the Unisex Denim Jacket in resin dark wash indigo, is a classic denim jacket constructed from durable, heavyweight 14-ounce cotton denim featuring a six-brass-button closure.

October 29, 2013

Denim is one of my favorite fabrics to embroider and wear. There is nothing like a comfortable pair of jeans and nothing beats the way a good embroidery design looks on a denim jacket.

Overall, denim is a great material to work with. It has a fairly smooth surface and is pretty stable, which minimizes the amount of stabilizer required. At the same time, it is thick enough to prevent it from puckering underneath the stitches. All this makes for great-looking embroidery.

That’s not to say denim doesn’t have its issues when it comes to embroidery. Like any fabric, it has its share of quirks. Most of them involve hooping and color matching. Because denim is a little thicker than some fabrics, it can be more difficult to hoop, especially jackets. Other denim items, like shirts, bags and totes, are pretty easy to work with.

In this Tech Tips Newsletter, we will be working with an array of new denim products from American Apparel. From classic denim jackets to bags and backpacks, the company’s denim line is ideal for profitable embroidery if you handle the fabric correctly.