Essentials for Better Embroidery

Check out the latest machines and supplies that are sure to bring your embroidery business to the next level.

By Lauren Mitchell, Associate Editor

Stahls’ ID Direct Heat Seal Glitter Flake has no carrier backing, eliminating the need to peel the carrier when decorating with the company’s Rip-Away applique process. It’s available in 13 colors and sold in 40-inch-wide yardage.

February 27, 2014

This year’s offering of embroidery machines and supplies doesn’t disappoint, with machines that are lighter, faster and more efficient than ever.

Beyond that, embroidery manufacturers have introduced new accessories and supplies that are designed to help streamline embroidery processes and tackle common problems. With everything from stabilizers to appliqué and specialized software, there’s something for every embroiderer’s needs.

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