Brother DTG Releases Updated GTXpro B

August 24, 2020

Brother DTG, a division of Brother Intl. Corp., Bridgewater, N.J., recently released a new version of its GTXpro B, a direct-to-garment (DTG) printer specifically designed for high-volume shops.

This new version, GTXpro, replaces the bulk ink system with smaller pouches, making it ideal for small to medium shops doing under 1,500 prints a month, according to the company.

This latest model offers the ability to do prints at speeds of up to 40 dark garments and 55 light garments an hour on an 11″ x 11″ design. Ink is supplied via replaceable ink pouches. Designed exclusively for the GTXpro, ink pouches are available in three sizes 350cc, 500cc and 700cc.

The maintenance station has been enhanced and redesigned wet caps help with minimizing clogged nozzles. Its new dual platen height sensor helps maintain optimal platen height for every print. And a new print reservation feature allows for the next print job to be sent, while the printer is still performing the current function, including doing maintenance. — D.S.