ColDesi Releases WiFi Connect Ability for All-New Avance 1501C

September 17, 2020

ColDesi Inc., Tampa, Fla., recently implemented WiFi connection capability with its all-new, Avancé 1501C commercial embroidery machine.

This WiFi connection allows Avancé 1501C 2020 users to send designs straight to their machine, directly from their WiFi enabled computer.

“The ability to sends designs directly to the control panel AND skip several steps to manually loading designs at the same time is a huge time saver,” says Mark Stephenson, director of marketing for ColDesi. “Frankly, I was a little skeptical. I couldn’t really understand the advantage – how much faster and easier it is—until I saw it in action. Now, sending a design to your embroidery machine is just as easy as sending a graphic to a printer.”

The new control panel’s touchscreen, a full-color 10.1-inch display, allows every function to easily be read. The large screen shows full-color previews of sew outs and displays full-color images of all loaded designs.

“This new upgrade combined with all the other new features on our Avancé 1501C 2020 makes it easier than ever before for ordinary people to become great embroiderers and run successful businesses,” says Michelle King, ColDesi’s embroidery trainer and technician.
The Avancé 1501C comes with everything customers need to embroider flats and caps right out of the box, according to the company. The machine package also includes 4,000 embroidery designs.

For more information, click here. — D.S.