Corel Trainer Announces New ‘Shorts’ Training Videos

July 30, 2021

Corel Trainer, Coeur d’Alene, Ind., now presents “Shorts INDEX” training videos.

Corel Trainer members can now access over 200 short training videos from inside their CorelDRAW. The four-minute videos are topic and function specific that come up through the new Corel Trainer plug-in software. The “Shorts Index” comes standard with AtoZ membership, while current students can simply log-in to install the new training functions.

“Learn how Corel just got better, imprinters can now search for answers in the middle of art jobs,” says Clay Barbera, Corel educational director. “Our A.I. search and live classes are back! Supporting imprinters is so much easier when we can include specific short-video links to compliment most questions.”

Corel Trainer plans on doubling its training library of videos and classes within the next year, according to the company. For more information and to access the video index, click here. — D.S.