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Global Direct-to-Film (DTF) Market Looks Strong Through 2030

According to a new report, customization, increased decorated-apparel personalization, sustainability and eco-friendly attitudes in general are all major drivers

Sales of equipment will likely parallel those forecast for the global direct-to-film (DTF) market as a whole. Photo courtesy of Impressions Expo

April 30, 2024

According to the market research firm Research and Markets, the global direct-to-film (DTF) decorated-apparel printing market, estimated to be $2.56 billion in 2023, will reach $3.99 billion by 2030, as it increases at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.5 percent.

According to the firm, “The rising trend of customization and personalization of T-shirts and apparel in the fashion industry” is driving the demand for direct to film printing. The firm goes on to say, “The development of eco-friendly inks and recyclable consumables can address environmental concerns, making DTF printing a more sustainable option.”

In the Americas, the report says, “The market for direct to film (DTF) printing is primarily driven by the increasing demand for customized apparel and textile printing. The region’s strong emphasis on fashion trends and personalization, especially in the U.S. and Canada, alongside the presence of a robust textile industry, fosters a conducive environment for DTF technology adoption. Moreover, the entrepreneurial culture and growing small businesses in custom apparel further bolster the market.”

According to the firm’s researchers, the region also features “stringent environmental laws that encourage businesses to adopt greener and more eco-friendly printing methods.” To learn more about the report, click here.