Hirsch Solutions to Distribute OvalJet

February 14, 2019

Hirsch Solutions, Huntersville, N.C., has partnered with OvalJet, Santa Ana, Calif., to provide global DTG distribution, service and support.

“We’re excited to begin 2019 as a stepping-off point to embrace the future of digital printing,” says Paul Gallagher, chief executive officer of Hirsch Solutions. “In addition to providing revolutionary improvement to mass-personalization fulfillment providers, OvalJet is the perfect entryway for screen printers to transition production to flexible and cost-efficient DTG printing.”

“OvalJet is a revolutionary new closed loop production-focused technology that outputs more than 240 garments per hour (an annual production capacity of over one million impressions), at a fraction of the cost of ownership of existing high-volume DTG systems,” he adds. “These proven production numbers are more than two times faster than any other single-operator system on the market.”

Gallagher and Kris Friedrich, OvalJet’s co-founder and director of research, made the announcement at the Imprinted Sportswear Shows (ISS) (link to event in Long Beach, Calif., which was held Jan.18-20. Hirsch Solutions will handle all OvalJet sales, installation, training, service and support.

OvalJet’s proprietary technology efficiently moves each garment through a carousel of automated stations that prepare and print garments with full-size, full-color prints in one smooth, lightning-fast motion, according to the company.

“Direct-to-garment [printing] is all about speed to your customer; with our new technology, we can move as fast and efficiently as a silk screener, but print different designs on each and every garment,” says Blair Dorsey, co-founder and chief executive officer of OvalJet. “It’s truly print-on-demand.” — D.S.