i-Group Technologies Debuts Viper MAXX Pretreatment Machine

May 9, 2019

i-Group Technologies, LLC, New Philadelphia, Ohio, now offers the Viper MAXX pretreatment machine.

The Viper MAXX takes all of the best innovations and lessons learned from the past 10 years of producing pretreatment machines and puts them together to create the ultimate spray-application process for direct-to-garment (DTG) printing, according to the company.

It allows complete user control over all variables, which enables precise spray application in only the areas required. Pretreating intended areas with the touch of a button now is possible with no spraying off the shirt.

The Viper MAXX also includes the ability to program the spray areas and amount of pretreatment to be applied by scanning a bar code, helping to streamline the production process for any shop by reducing operator error that results in poor pretreating and printing results. — D.S.