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Procolored Debuts A4 direct-to-transfer (DTF) Printer

New system is specifically configured for those new to the decorated-apparel business

May 1, 2024

Procolored has announced the launch of its new A4 DTF Printer, what the company describes as “a game-changer in fabric printing technology that is both powerful and budget-friendly.”

According to Procolored the A4 is “Perfect for small studios, apparel enthusiasts and small businesses.” The A4 is also described as being beginner-friendly/specifically designed with the novice in mind, allowing those new to fabric printing to easily master its operation; cost-effective, offering exceptional value, making it accessible for users with limited budgets; high performance, delivering prints that capture intricate details and vibrant colors; and compact enough to fit comfortably in small spaces, making it perfect for tight studio environments or home offices.

DTF Apparel-Decorating Customer Support

Complementing the system’s easy-to-use design, Procolored says it is committed to supporting its customers as they work to expand their decorated-apparel product offerings with extensive video tutorials and beginner-friendly guides. “Users can quickly learn to operate the A4 DTF Printer and start their T-shirt printing business efficiently and effectively,” the company says. To learn more about the A4 DTF Printer, as well as the entire Procolored line, go to