Sawgrass Announces RICOH Partnership Expansion

May 21, 2019

Sawgrass Technologies, Charleston, S.C. has expanded its partnership with RICOH, Tokyo, to continue its five-year relationship for desktop dye sublimation systems.

“While Sawgrass has been the pioneer with digital dye-sublimation products for over 30 years, we brought an unprecedented level of quality and consistency to dye-sublimation customers five years ago with our RICOH relationship,” says Darcy Mauro, president of Sawgrass. “By matching the industry’s highest-quality inks with superior RICOH printhead technology, Sawgrass has been able to supply the widest color gamut in the industry while delivering the best substrate performance possible, all within the limits of dye sublimation.”

With this extension, Sawgrass is the only partner for RICOH in the desktop-sublimation market.

“As a leader in inkjet technology, RICOH is very pleased to work with Sawgrass to engineer the first desktop dye-sub printers,” says Tetsuya Morita, general manager of RICOH ‘s Industrial Printing Business Group. “We supply the authorized printer cartridges exclusively to Sawgrass, which are optimized for the best printer performance possible. We look forward to continue working with Sawgrass for many more years to come.” — D.S.