Stahls’ Offers New Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day Patterns

January 31, 2019

Stahls’, Sterling Heights, Mich., now offers new Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day CAD-CUT patterns.

Recently added Valentine’s offerings include candy, flowers and hearts in pattern styles ranging from lace and paisley to knit and geometric looks, while the St. Patrick’s Day designs feature patterns like leprechaun gold, shamrocks, Celtic argyle and other classic Irish themes.

The digital prints are available in CAD-COLOR Express Print, CAD-COLOR Glitter printable vinyl, or ORAJET 3164 sign vinyl. They are thin, lightweight and suitable for light and dark fabrics made of cotton, polyester, cotton/polyester blends, Lycra/spandex and polypropylene.

To browse all of the holiday patterns, click here. — D.S.