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Stahls’ TV Offers Thinking ‘Outside The Hoop’ Video

October 26, 2017

Stahls’ TV, Sterling Heights, Mich., recently offered a video exploring five ways that thinking “outside the hoop” can benefit an embroidery business.

The video, “5 Reasons Embroiderers Need to Tjhink Outside of the Box,” includes a recording of a recent live class that identifies five top challenges embroiderers face. It shows how they can be met and turned to an advantage by adding heat-printing capabilities. From cost-effectiveness and efficiency to profit potential, viewers will discover how heat printing can complement the embroidery process and help a business grow.

Viewers also will learn about heat-transfer equipment and materials, as well as those for vinyl cutting and how to determine what will work best for meeting their needs and goals. Additionally, viewers will get an introduction to heat printing and an explanation of the pros and cons of purchasing transfers vs. printing them.

Demonstrations showcase the advantages of transfers for printing performance fabrics, special effects and more. They also show how heat-applied graphics can be combined with embroidery to add appeal, save time and cut costs.

The video further delves into pricing and marketing, with cost and profitability comparisons for transfers, embroidery and combined applications. Viewers will see how incorporating transfers into their embroidery operations can enable them to compete without reducing prices.

View the video by clicking here. — J.L.