Floriani Commercial Offers Template Tearaway Stabilizer

July 31, 2015

Template Tearaway, offered by Floriani Commercial Products, Knoxville, Tenn., allows users to print a design or hoop template directly on stabilizer.

Users simply slide the 8½” x 11” stabilizer paper into a printer or copier. Once the template is printed, they then peel off the protective release paper, exposing the sticky side. Next, users position the tearaway on their fabric, and pierce the printed registration cross hairs running through the design using a water-soluble or air-erase pen or pencil.

This will make small dots on the fabric. Next, users remove the template tearaway and re-adhere it to the release paper for later. Finally, users connect the dots drawn on the fabric to form a plus sign and, using the lines as a guide, hoop the fabric.

The product makes it easy to line up multihoop designs or manipulate embroidery images by rotating and combining them to make one large design, according to the company.

Template Tearaway is sold in packages of 50 ready-to-use sheets.

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