Floriani Commercial Products Upgrades Total Control Commercial

September 10, 2013

Floriani Commercial Products, Knoxville, Tenn., has introduced the latest version of Floriani Total Control Commercial. 

Version 6.15, designed for use with multi-needle embroidery machines, features a new design analysis tool, which includes a production section that allows users to modify settings for multiple machines. There are four tabs that can be modified: details, colors, statistics and production.  

Under details, operators can quickly check to see the dimensions of a design, as well as the stitch information — which includes total stitch count, and number of colors and trims.

Under colors, the software displays the colors listed in order by color number and image, stitch count of that color, amount of thread used, name and color code name.

The statistics tab shows a pie chart of each stitch length in the design; the production tab offers the estimated sewout time based on the applied settings.

Version 6.15 also features a tool that estimates how long the design will take to sew once users time their machines during a trim and color change.

Floriani Total Control will work with any make or model of embroidery machine, and is designed to work on a PC, but can be modified to work on Mac.

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