Hirsch Introduces Pulse Font Creator

March 16, 2015

Pulse Font Creator, offered by Hirsch Intl., Huntersville, N.C., lets users digitize a customer-supplied font or create a custom embroidery font for a specialized application. 

The digitizing tool comes in Pulse’s Maestro level. It’s also available as an option in the three lower levels: Composer, Creator and Illustrator Extreme.

With Font Creator, users can create any type of embroidery font, including satin or run stitch, complex fill, monograms and two-color. It allows users to add kerning to any two-letter combination to guarantee the proper distance between letters and ensures that sewn-out lettering is aesthetically pleasing, according to the company.

Original fonts can be imported as a computer file or a scanned hand drawing.

For more information, view the video webinar shown above.  

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