Hirsch Offers New PulseID Software

July 10, 2014

Hirsch Intl., Hauppauge, N.Y., is offering PulseID, an automation and personalization software solution for any size shop.  

PulseID has two primary functions. It standardizes critical embroidery production processes and automates them so operators do not have to repeatedly input information or reconfigure machine settings.

It also speeds up the personalization process, such as adding names or monograms, by establishing a set of rules that determine the size, color and font needed for a specific order. Both of these functions eliminate operator errors, saving time and money, according to the company.

In addition, the program includes a tool kit that enables software and application developers to add embroidery functionality to a website. It allows users to produce, manipulate and display personalized embroidery files on a website in the form of 3-D renderings.

The modules allow customers to create their own embroidery designs online. Visitors can create a design in minutes and pay for it via a variety of options.

Finally, PulseID offers detailed, scalable reporting. Regardless of the number of embroidery machines, managers can analyze data — such as stitches per minute, re-sews, run efficiency, thread breaks and turnaround time — to ensure maximum production is achieved.

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