Hirsch Releases Tajima Singlehead Embroidery Machine Guide

April 25, 2018

Hirsch Solutions, Huntersville, N.C., has released a new Tajima singlehead embroidery machine product guide that contains information on five industrial singlehead machiine series and their key advantages.

The 28-page color brochure includes summaries of standard features and options, as well as a look at accessories for boosting efficiency and letting embroiderers tap into new opportunities.

It also includes information about the digitally controlled presser foot, hydraulic work table, extra-large sewing fields, bridge-style stretch and other innovations in the Tajima singlehead embroidery product lines. From slim cylinder beds for embroidering small items to cubical frame designs for decorating oversized or bulky items in a compact space, there are many solutions for expanding product capabilities.

The guide also includes information on the all-new design-position-adjustment feature, only on the TMB series, and other features for enhancing quality and streamlining production.

Options range from a wide X-axis extension table to multicording and sequin devices; a singlehead laser add-on for select models; and an array of frame types and styles. Find out how to get your copy by clicking here. — J.L.