Imprintables Warehouse Presents New Twill Stitch Pro Patch Video

August 13, 2012

As part of its weekly video series titled “Training Time Out,” Imprintables Warehouse, Masontown, Pa., has debuted a video titled “Twill Stitch Pro Patch Creation Setup.”

The new video demonstrates how to use an outline created in CorelDraw and import it into Twill Stitich Pro, an appliqué software program, to create custom patches.

The video demonstration begins in CorelDraw with an emblem outline. It then demonstrates how to convert the outline into a plotter file, which is then imported into Twill Stitch Pro. The predigitized embroidery intended to go on the patch also is imported and dropped in over the outline.

Viewers then learn how to create the placement and tack-down outlines. When finished, the file is saved in DST format so that the file can be used with any make or model of embroidery machine for sewing.

To view the video, click here.

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