Madeira Expands Fire-Resistant Thread Offering

January 10, 2013

Madeira USA LTD, Laconia, N.H., is offering some colors of its fire-resistant Fire Fighter embroidery thread in larger put-ups.

Initially sold only in 1,100-yard spools, nine of the 24 colors are now available in 2,734-yard cones as well. The remaining 15 colors will continue to be available on 1,000-yard spools. 

Fire Fighter offers high resistance to heat, releases fewer toxic vapors compared to flame-resistant threads made of polyester, and the new, longer put-ups will lengthen the thread’s runability, according to the company. 

The colors available in the larger put-ups include: bright yellow (N1624), dark navy (N1643), green (N1651), fire engine red (N1747), black (N1800), white (N1803), royal blue (N1842), gray (N1918) and medium blue (N1977).

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