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Madeira USA Unveils E-Zee Cut Recycled Backing

New cut-away backing for machine embroidery made from 100-percent polyester

Photo courtesy of Madeira USA

May 16, 2024

As part of an ongoing broad-based initiative to help commercial embroiders reduce their environmental impact, Madeira USA has unveiled what its calling its new E-Zee Cut Green backing, a cut-away medium-weight backing made from 100-percent recycled polyester.

According to Madeira USA, a leading supplier of thread, backings and a wide range of commercial embroidery accessories, “Together with Madeira Polyneon Green and Polyneon Green bobbin thread, we make it possible for you to create a 100-percent sustainably produced, premium embroidery. When plastics are reused and transformed into new products, additional waste is avoided and less energy is consumed than in the production of conventional polyester. This marks an important step for Madeira in supporting a circular economy.”

Ideal for Machine Embroidery on Lightweight Wovens

Madeira USA E-Zee cut recycled machine embroidery backing

E-Zee Cut backing is also available in pre-cut sheets. Photo courtesy of Madeira USA

Available in 7.5-inch or 40-inch roll widths or 7.3-inch-by-8-inch sheets, 1.7-ounce, non-stretch E-Zee Cut stabilizes stitching in all directions and works especially well with thinner fabrics. Madeira USA recommends using two layers of E-Zee Cut for heavier materials and denser designs. The new backing is ideal for use with stretchy knit fabrics, lightweight wovens and other unstable materials.

Also available from Madeira USA for embroiderers looking reduce their environmental footprint is the company’s Madeira Sensa Green: an eco-friendly machine embroidery thread made of 100-percent Lyocell, an innovative fiber of botanic origin produced via a low-waste, eco-responsible process in which 99 percent of the water and solvents involved in its manufacture are reused. For more on E-Zee Cut and the entire Madiera USA line, go to