Madeira USA Debuts Magnetic Sided Bobbin

May 28, 2015

Madeira USA, Laconia, N.H., has introduced a new bobbin, a magnetic L style, to the market.

Made from 134 yards of filament polyester, the bobbin is intended for the market that prefers magnetic bobbins for their economical value and ease of running, according to the company.

“We know that embroiderers have come to rely on magnetic bobbins for providing uniform tension, which prolongs the life of the bobbin,” says Madeira USA president Shirley Clark. “By providing embroiderers with the economy of a magnetic bobbin, combined with the reliability of a sided bobbin, we believe we’ve got a win-win here. For those who already rely on the quality and dependability of our embroidery thread, we are confidant that these magnetic sided bobbins will be a popular fit for our customers.”

The bobbins, which come 144 to a box, are available in white. Each provides uniform tension throughout the life of the bobbin.

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