Madeira USA Offers New Classic Rayon #40 Storage Chests

December 21, 2015

Madeira USA, Laconia, N.H., is offering thread chests designed to store its Classic Rayon #40 threads, including 44 new colors the company brought to market earlier this year. 

The storage chests’ drawers each contain a printed sheet that details the proper position of each color of Classic Rayon #40, in color card order, incorporating the 44 new colors. Each is positioned beneath the clear plastic inserts, which are customized to hold Mini Snap cones.

The storage chests are available in three configurations: Item #911-387D, which consists of seven drawers containing all 387 solid colors; Item #911-387E, which is a single drawer that contains the 44 new colors; and Items #911-387A and #911-387B, three-drawer storage chests, both containing 180 solid color Mini Snap cones. 

Additionally, for customers who prefer to purchase empty storage boxes and fill them up over time, an empty three-drawer box, Item #24, is available, as well as an empty single drawer, Item #24-7.

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