New Video Showcases Updated Floriani Total Control U Digitizing Software

March 30, 2015

Floriani Commercial Products, Knoxville, Tenn., has released a new video that provides a quick look at what’s new in its updated Total Control U digitizing software.

In the video, shown above, a tool for making buttonholes and the upgraded Auto Digitizing Wizard, as well as a host of new features are shown in action. Viewers will see how Total Control U enables them to pull artwork from anywhere on their computer, select hoops and fit a design to a hoop with the click of a mouse.

The video also introduces added tools for embossing and enhanced features such as single continuous-line stippling and the ability to change spacing in between motifs. It further demonstrates new lettering helps, including a special menu with fonts especially suited to monogramming and complementary decorations, vertical baseline paths, and the ability to put letters above, below and centered on a single circle, at the same time.

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