Proel Releases Millennium III Digitizing Software

February 22, 2017

BITO, Copiague, N.Y., now is selling Proel’s new version of its embroidery digitizing software, Millennium III version 9.3, with a variety of improvements.

The program is a complete package that can be purchased at different levels to meet the needs of individual shops, from startup to expert, according to the company.

The four modules include Edit Entry, Creation, Professional and Advanced, all designed to work in harmony with Proel FocusCut III laser embroidery software in a seamless manner for cutting and sewing appliqué.

One enhancement is that a digitized embroidery design created with any type of software can be imported into Millennium III and converted into the vector files needed for laser cutting. Previously, if the design was not created in Millennium III, the digitizer would have to manually input the code to indicate sewing and cutting sequences.

Once the digitized design is imported, the user can see the data in an editor mode, allowing him to designate the sewing and cutting locations. Previously, the user would have to open individual “Properties Management” windows to do modifications.

True Type lettering also has been improved to more accurately process font curves and corners. Words, names and initials look more crisp and clean.

Using the archive also has gotten easier. Previously, if a user wanted to give an existing file a new name, it had to be done using the “Save As…” function, then renamed and the original had to be deleted. Now it can simply be highlighted and renamed. — J.L.