Ricoma to Debut New Embroidery Machine at ISS Long Beach

January 19, 2018

Ricoma Intl. Corp., Miami, will introduce the CHT2 multihead embroidery machine — designed with user experience and durability in mind — at this year’s Imprinted Sportswear Shows (ISS) event in Long Beach, Calif., being held Jan. 19-21.

The CHT2’s new technology, available in four to 12 heads, was designed to improve quality and efficiency in the embroidery process. The range of heads means the machine can serve both startups and established embroidery businesses, according to the company.

“I interact with embroiderers every day, so I know the pesky issues that constantly stall production,” says Henry Ma, chief operating officer, Ricoma. “We set out to develop this machine to facilitate the embroidery process so that users can spend less time troubleshooting issues and more time getting orders out.”

With the CHT2, users can keep production flowing due to the high precision in the X and Y drive system. The machine reduces the possibility of needle and thread breaks; the machine’s efficiency also helps lessen the hassle of embroidering caps, according to the company. An elevated needle plate provides more support on structured hats that are prone to needle breaks. This will allow users to produce caps and 3-D puff embroidery at high speeds without frequent flagging and needle breaks.

“We’ve found that people avoid caps because of the production hiccups tied to them,” Ma says. “We aimed to eliminate needle breaks by reducing the possibility of flagging, which is what causes needle breaks. Now that the machine’s needle plate is actually higher up, it minimizes the space between the cap driver and the needle plate – which will reduce flagging and, ultimately, reduce needle breaks.”

To improve quality at higher speeds, Ricoma re-engineered and built the X and Y timing belts to be wider and sturdier than earlier models. This provides more stability at higher speeds, allowing users to run more detailed designs at higher speeds without compromising the quality of their designs.

The six-head model is expected to start at less than $35,000, according to the company. — J.L.