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Anatol Launches Online VOLT Automatic Press Customization Configurator

Anatol’s new online platform makes it possible for screen-printers to specify the custom color scheme of a new VOLT automatic press, as well as add accessories.
Image courtesy of Anatol

February 12, 2024

Anatol Equipment has introduced a new interactive online platform that allows users to customize an all-electric VOLT automatic screen-printing press with unique color schemes and accessories. While best known for its trademark red machines, Anatol, in fact, offers a wide range of custom colors to fit screen printers’ preferences. Custom color combinations are not only available for the VOLT automatic press, but across Anatol’s entire product line of pre-press equipment, conveyor dryers and flash cure units.

“Screen printers make up a really diverse, vibrant and creative community, and many screen-printing businesses have strong, recognizable brand styles and identities. When you add an Anatol machine to your shop, we want it to match your unique vibe,” says Anatol marketing director Alex Sroka, “That’s why we’ve launched this new platform, so you can express your creativity and really make the equipment yours.”

In addition to customizing colors, users can also add various accessories to the VOLT press, which they can then customize as well. Options include flash-cure units, cooling fans, specialty pallets and the company’s proprietary pre-registration system. Users can then save the resulting design draft as a PDF as a means of helping plan future equipment purchases and obtaining additional information about the items specified.

To access the new Anatol online platform, click here.