Archroma and Baldwin Form Resource-Saving Partnership

June 16, 2022

Archroma, Pratteln, Switzerland, and Baldwin, St. Louis, have announced a new collaboration to optimize performance and resource saving in the finishing department.

The two companies aim to support textile manufacturers in their development projects, targeting to improve their product safety, performance, and functionality, while at the same time maximizing the productivity and resource utilization of the finishing application process.

Archroma and Baldwin are collaborating in multiple projects that combine Archroma’s most sustainable product innovations with Baldwin’s Texcoat G4, according to the companies.

TexCoat G4 is a non-contact spray technology for textile finishing and remoistening, designed to allow a controlled and optimal coverage of the exact amount of finish chemistry for reaching specific characteristics of the fabric. The system can be used to reduce water consumption by as much as 50%.

“We are very excited to collaborate with Baldwin, a company who shares our vision that it is possible to create textile fabrics and articles that are safer for the user and better for our planet,” says Michael Schuhmann, Archroma business development manager. “Because it’s our nature.”

Archroma and Baldwin are currently testing Archroma’s finishing products and systems, such as the soon-to-be-launched PFC-free Smartrepel Hydro SR for water-based soil repellence, as well as metal and inorganic particle-free antimicrobial technologies like Sanitized T 20-19 and TH 15-14, which will be launched at the upcoming Techtextil 2022.

“No question Archroma is one of the most recognized global suppliers of specialty chemistry for textile,” says Rick Stanford, Baldwin Technology’s vice president of Global Business Development for Textiles. “We are honored to partner with Archroma to bring optimized and sustainable solutions to an industry that is serious about protecting consumers and reducing its environmental impact.” — D.S.