Atlantis Headwear Celebrates Earth Month with ‘Sustainable Savings’

Atlantis Headwear’s Nelson Sustainable Knit cap is one of a number of sustainable models being offered at a discount. Photo courtesy of Atlantis Headwear

April 16, 2024

Venice, Italy-based Atlantis Headwear, a world leader in sustainable headwear, recently announced it has launched an all-new, more affordable pricing structure on select styles in recognition of Earth Month, which takes place each April.

According to the company, “At Atlantis ‘sustainability’ is not a buzzword. It’s a way of life.” In keeping with these sentiments, the entire Atlantis collection is manufactured with sustainability in mind through the use of such materials as organic cotton, rPET and Polylana fiber, an eco-conscious alternative to conventional wool and acrylic.

Sustainable Savings, Sustainable Lifestyle

As part of its Earth Month initiative, Atlantis is introducing what it calls “cost-conscious pricing” for nine of its best-selling styles. In the words of the company, “While ‘green’ products carry a higher price due to additional production and manufacturing costs, Atlantis is opening doors to new customers with a price reduction of up to 16 percent with ‘Sustainable Savings.’”

Among the styles on offer are the Birk Sustainable Fleece Beanie, the Nelson Sustainable Knit, the Bryce Sustainable Trucker and the Fiji Sustainable Five-Panel.

“At Atlantis, we believe everyone should have access to eco- friendly headwear, regardless of budget. With our new Sustainable Savings, we’re not just offering headwear, we’re offering a pathway to a better future,” said Atlantis Headwear vice-president, Federico Pasini. For more on Atlantis Headwear’s Earth Month initiative and company’s entire product line, click here.