Cap America Elevates Gerald Pinkley to Vice President of Compliance

By Dustin Shrader, Managing Editor

Image courtesy of Cap America.

January 30, 2024

Fredericktown, Missouri—Cap America, Inc., has announced the promotion of Gerald Pinkley to its executive team as the Vice President of Compliance.

Gerald Pinkley. Photo courtesy of Cap America.

This strategic appointment underscores Cap America’s unwavering commitment to setting and surpassing the highest benchmarks in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards, according to the company.

Since joining Cap America in 2019, Pinkley has played a pivotal role in shaping the company’s market development strategies, initially as Market Development Manager and subsequently as Director of Administration. His leadership in fostering cross-departmental collaboration and enhancing operational efficiencies has been central to Cap America’s long-term growth trajectory.

Pinkley’s journey with Cap America has been marked by a continuous ascent through roles of increasing responsibility and impact. His tenure as Compliance Coordinator and Director of Compliance witnessed significant advancements in the company’s ESG initiatives. Under his stewardship, Cap America has achieved remarkable progress in regulatory compliance, ESG standardization, and transparent reporting. His notable contributions include the refinement of product safety protocols, comprehensive environmental impact assessments, and the implementation of sustainable practices aimed at minimizing the company’s carbon footprint. Additionally, Pinkley’s collaboration with the HR department has been instrumental in fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace culture, enhancing community engagement and employee well-being.

In his new role, Pinkley will continue to drive Cap America’s sustainability and compliance agenda. CEO Mark Gammon says, “Gerald’s influence in integrating robust ESG practices into our corporate framework has been transformative. As we navigate our sustainability journey, his visionary leadership is crucial in establishing and achieving new operational paradigms.”