DecoNetwork Releases Two New Software Updates

May 3, 2022

DecoNetwork, Suwanee, Ga., has launched its two latest updates, DecoNetwork Versions 8.508 and 8.509, for its ever-evolving software platform.

8.508, released on Jan. 17, features the sought-after ability to add ALT tags for product view images. Users will now be able to enter their own ALT tags for each individual product view image, designed to help improve a store’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

8.509, released on March 1, welcomes the addition of Afterpay as a payment gateway highlighting the list of nine new additions to the DecoNetwork platform. Enabling Afterpay will now show as a payment option at checkout and in the customer account area.

Other additions within 8.508 include a link to product categories in Website Pages editor; new accounting integration order syncing options including syncing orders when they are awaiting shipping and syncing orders when they are shipped; the ability to set “alt tags” for image backgrounds and linking to design categories in Website Pages editor.

Within 8.509, users also will be able to access liquid variable for payment due date; artwork upload audit, and OPG tags on product pages.

For more information on both updates, click here. — D.S.