DuPont Presents Cyrel Lightning Plates at EskoWorld

June 15, 2022

DuPont Cyrel Solutions, Wilmington, Del., was one of the participants of the 31st edition of EskoWorld, a hybrid event that brought together over 500 professionals, from both suppliers and brand owners.

Held in Dallas on June 7-9, the annual event gathered Esko users from around the globe to collaborate on accomplishments, discuss shared obstacles, enhance their knowledge of Esko solutions, and share industry best practices.

Bradley Gasque, Flexo Application Consultant for DuPont, presented the Cyrel Ligthning Plates, displaying the balance between platemaking productivity and print quality when using Esko´s XPS exposure’. During this session, Gasque also explained why it is important to optimize plates when using the XPS compared to conventional bank exposure units.

“We [were] honored to present at EskoWorld the winning technology of the FTA Innovation Award 2022,” says Gasque. “The Cyrel Lightning plate family is optimized for UV-LED exposure units to make full use of this system’s capabilities. The benefits of the plates include a further optimized match between access time and plate performance, while not compromising the print quality. Previously, exposure settings on UV-LED units often had to be adjusted for either higher quality or shorter access time. The Cyrel Lightning plates challenge this as they were formulated from the ground up with UV-LED exposure characteristics in mind. The Cyrel LSH is the first photopolymer plate of the Lightning family. It is solvent processable and currently available in 045 and 067 thicknesses.” — D.S.