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Easiway Systems Adds Three New Team Members

Apparel screen-printing chemicals and equipment specialist reaffirms its commitment to customer service and cutting-edge products

May 15, 2024

Delano, Minnesota-based Easiway Systems, a provider of cutting-edge, high-performance screen-printing chemicals and equipment for the decorated-apparel industry, has announced the addition of three new team members, with Nicole Winter joining as the company’s new Sales Coordinator; Emily Halverson taking on the job of Marketing Coordinator; and Andreas Gonzalez serving as the company’s West Coast Sales Representative.

According to the company, “Nicole Winter brings extensive experience in sales coordination and client relations to her new role at Easiway Systems. As Sales Coordinator, Nicole will play a pivotal role in supporting the sales team and ensuring seamless communication with clients, ultimately driving growth and success for the company.”

Apparel Screen-Printing Cleaning Solutions Specialist

Similarly, the company describes Emily Halverson as “bringing a youthful perspective with her knowledge in marketing strategy and social media management. Emily will be instrumental in developing and executing marketing initiatives to enhance Easiway Systems’ brand presence and reach within the industry.”

Finally, the company says that as its new West Coast Sales Rep, Andreas Gonzalez will be well positioned for “leveraging his expertise in sales and customer service to drive revenue and foster lasting relationships with clients.”

“We are thrilled to welcome Nicole, Emily and Andreas to the Easiway family,” says Sara Broghamer, COO of Easiway Systems. “Their unique skill sets and passion for excellence will undoubtedly contribute to our continued growth and success in providing top-notch screen solutions to our customers.”

According to Easiway, with these three hires, the company is reaffirming its commitment to innovation, quality and customer satisfaction in the screen-reclaiming industry, adding that “it looks forward to leveraging the expertise of Nicole, Emily, and Andreas to further enhance its products and services for clients worldwide.”

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