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M&R Eco-Tex Lite Automatic Screen Cleaning and Reclaiming System

M&R newest screen cleaning and reclaiming machine is specifically configured for small to mid-size screen-printing companies

February 15, 2024

The Eco-Tex Lite from M&R is the newest model in the company’s Eco-Tex line of automatic screen cleaning and reclaiming machines. The system is specifically configured for small to mid-size screen-printing companies looking to automate their screen cleaning and reclaiming processes.

As is the case with the company’s Eco-Tex Modular system, all three chambers making up the Eco-Tex Lite are enclosed, thereby reducing direct exposure to the chemicals involved on the part of operators. The chambers have also been equipped with an improved spray nozzle pattern for more efficient cleaning. Individual chambers keep the system’s cleaning and reclaiming chemicals separate in order to maximize their effectiveness. Recirculation reduces the Eco-Tex Lite’s environmental impact.

In operation, the Eco-Tex Lite’s first module applies an ink removal solution which is then allowed time to drip off for recirculation. The second module then applies an emulsion remover to soften the emulsion, which is allowed to both soak in and drip off as well. The third module power washes the screens, removing the emulsion. The final stop is the outfeed.

According to M&R, Eco-Tex Lite system can clean up to 180 screens in eight hours and requires only a single operator. The Eco-Tex Lite accepts screen sizes up to 26-inches-by-36-inches in size.