Editorial: The Cat’s Meow!

Finding a new take on a product line is a great way to grow your company's presense

By Adam Cort, Content Director

Cats? Hoodies? Social media gold! Photo by sergign/

February 2, 2024

For the record, I’m a dog person. Cats, I can take or leave. Nonetheless, when the headline “Personalized Cat Photo Hoodies” popped up on my laptop during a recent Google search, whatever else may have been on my to-do list immediately fell by the wayside. The same headline also immediately got me thinking about the kind of online marketing discussed by social media expert Jenna Warriner in this month’s “Ask the Experts” section. As Warriner explains, you don’t have to be a multinational to carve out a space of your own on the internet. Just the opposite. The kind of out-of-the box thinking in which successful startups specialize often gives them a unique edge. If the subhead “the latest Funny Felines collection” caught my eye, I can only imagine how it resonated with the cat people of the world!

Equally impressive was what I found when I clicked on the “Funny Felines” collection’s homepage at a product line that was as clever as the idea itself. Think stock products with a spooky looking cat staring out at you under the headline “Mesmerizing…” There was also, in addition to the aforementioned hoodies, a range of custom mugs and T-shirts on which you can insert the name and a photo of the cat of your choice with the caption, “Rodent attack cat at your service.” How clever is that?

As for you cat haters, not to worry: also available were a number of other collections, along the lines of those described by Dane Clement in his “Think Make Do” piece on this subject on page 42 focusing on things like a “Sun, Moon & Stars” theme and the “Seasonal Splendor of Thanksgiving.” In other words, the company has a little something for pretty much everyone. Pure online sales genius, and all well within the ability of even the most basic decorator. So, what are you waiting for? Go get ‘em, tiger!

This article was updated May 1, 2024