Impressions Atlantic City Conference Series Has It All

Dozens of sessions will address all things decorated apparel, including everything from T-shirt screen-printing basics to heat pressing, embroidery and AI

Josh Ellsworth of STAHLS’ leads a conference session on heat pressing at last year’s Impressions Expo Atlantic City

February 15, 2024

This year’s series of conference sessions, scheduled to take place March 20-23 as part of the Impressions Expo in Atlantic City, New Jersey (March 21-23) will include speakers and panelists addressing everything from pricing to generative artificial intelligence, or AI, and its implications for the decorated apparel industry.

Things kick off on Day 1 with a trio of nuts-and-bolts topics, including a morning session on the fundamentals of heat pressing with Dave Conner of STAHLS’ & Transfer Express; a session titled “Screenprinting Fundamentals: From Supercharged Artwork to Final Print” with veteran conference presenters Charlie Taublieb, president of Taublieb Consulting, and Dane Clement, president of Great Dane Graphics and vice-president of Art and Creative Process for GroupeSTAHL; and a three-hour clinic on how to keep your embroidery machine, or machines up and running smoothly with Bill Garvin of BG Tech Services.

“Proper maintenance is a cornerstone of seamless production,” Garvin says of what he expects to cover as part of this session. “We’ll dive into the critical practices of oiling and greasing your machines, as well as maintaining a clean and well-organized workspace. Learning these simple yet effective steps can significantly impact the lifespan and efficiency of your equipment, ultimately contributing to your bottom line.”

Also on Day 1, there will be the latest installment of the ever-popular STAHLS’ Pro Days, an overview of the latest heat-pressing trends and techniques (complete with a wealth of live, on-site decorating!) with Josh Ellsworth, the company’s executive VP of sales and Marketing; brand activation manager Jenna Sackett; company strategic account manager and content creator Kelly Walters; and the tireless Dave Conner.

For details on all four days of this year’s star-studded Impressions Atlantic City conference series, click here.