Infinity Her Launches New Retail Styles at Lowe’s

May 21, 2024

Lowell, Arkansas — Infinity Her, a leading brand dedicated to crafting headwear exclusively for women, is bringing to market a beautiful collection of 20 new styles to enhance its line of baseball caps, now available in over 300 rural Lowe’s Home Improvement stores.

“Our strategic expansion into retail channels will not only amplify our brand visibility among North American consumers but also complement the sales presentations of our valued distributor partners,” says Ramona Watson, Infinity Her VP of Marketing & Product Development. “Each Infinity Her style is meticulously designed for women, incorporating thoughtful details, trims, and of course, an impeccable fit.”

The caps offered at Lowe’s boast the identical Elude and Evolve patented technology found in the Infinity Her promotional line. Elude comprises a makeup-resistant sweatband engineered for moisture- wicking and breathability, while Evolve features a discreet ponytail opening cleverly concealed to maintain the appearance of a standard cap when hair is worn down.

Infinity Her has partnered with Sportsman Cap and Bag to carry their line of women’s headwear. This line is sold through Sportsman’s 17 wholesale partners.