Lane Seven Blasts Off with New Future Fleece Hoodie

By Dustin Shrader , Managing Editor

March 28, 2023

Lane Seven, Los Angeles, has debuted its newest offering: Future Fleece, a 100 percent regenerated yarn hoodie.

Lane Seven Apparel Hoodie

The hoodie features a 2-panel hood with fleece lining and dyed to match drawcords with tipped ends and metal eyelets. Photo courtesy of Lane Seven.

The hoodie is made from yarn that is composed of post-consumer waste, as well as scraps left over from the cutting stage of the garment manufacturing process. Due to the yarn being repurposed, the material forgoes the dying stage, reducing energy consumption by approximately 80 percent, water consumption by approximately 75 percent, and chemical consumption by approximately 90 percent.

“We all leave an impact on the planet, so we should all play a part in cleaning up our footprint,” says Lane Seven’s CEO, Nabeel Amin. “If each of us did a little better, made things a little more wisely, think of the collective impact that could make. We have an obligation to future generations to do our part in creating manufacturing methods and products that are more responsible towards the future.”

According to the company, Lane Seven has made small but significant strides over the past couple of years and continues to seek more sustainable methods of production. In addition to removing excess waste and reducing water usage, the company also moved most of their manufacturing over to renewable energy. The brand continues to seek more sustainable and ethical alternatives for key materials. Lane Seven also supports the Better Cotton Initiative, the largest cotton sustainability program in the world.

For more information about Future Fleece, click here.